Why choose us?

We provide the best to our clients

For customers of our wedding line we are aware that they require quick turnaround times since they spend only 2-4 days on average in Bangkok. To ensure that everything goes smooth we advise customers to provide us with their designs 1-2 weeks in advance of their trip so we can get their clothes ready when they visit BKK, once they arrive we can do fittings and for minor alternations we can take care of that very quickly.

Have you ever thought of having your wedding gown custom made?

spoiled and dressed like a royal princess or a movie star? Moreover in Thailand? Too expensive? Too far? On the contrary; you would never imagine how many savile row wedding boutique best tailor for wedding dress gowns bangkok thailand couples are visiting wedding shops in Bangkok nowadays. This fashion phenomenon is quite recent, and the business is booming; though few shops, usually concentrating in Sukhumvit, are actually 100% reliable.

We gladly recommend Savile Row

We gladly recommend Savile Row since many years, as this is one of the top 5 best custom tailors in Bangkok; their new wedding boutique is already one of the most successful in Thailand. Featuring a classy selection of handmade wedding related products, produced by top designers and top tailors. Maybe have you been impressed by a glamorous dress seen in a people magazine? Bring the picture along with you or e-mail it, and Miss Arun’s staff shall copy it carefully; eventually adapting it with some details and fabrics which you may like. Dresses are 100% hand-made, and any requirement can be fulfilled. Savile Row Wedding Boutique is reputed for its unmatched selection of materials and colours, giving you the freedom to create anything you like. Of course, this is their job, tailors can create a custom style for nobody but you: making you so unique for the most unforgettable day in your life.

How does it work, concretely?

First step: express your idea. Second step: conceptualize your project with suggested designs and materials. This can be done via email, little bit time before you come in person for the third and last step, called design stage. This is when Savile Row Wedding Boutique staff makes your ideas tangible, working with you and advising you on the best possible course of action. Now, how does it cost? This boutique, despite of a high-end concept, can cope with any budget. Prices start from approximately THB 8000 (USD 250 only!) for a simple, though lovely and classy wedding gown, in the least expensive materials. If silk is your style, and if you like sophistication, you might pay up THB 55000 maximum (US$ 1700). Which is the price of a ready-to-wear wedding dress in New York or Londo.