Measurement Chart

Your guide to measure correctly

Use the following image to make proper measurements, it will serve as a guide to taking measurements for your wedding dress, if you have any questions our tailors can offer advice.


For customers of our wedding line we are aware that they require quick turnaround times since they spend only 2-4 days on average in Bangkok. To ensure that everything goes smooth we advise customers to provide us with their designs 1-2 weeks in advance of their trip so we can get their clothes ready when they visit BKK, once they arrive we can do fittings and for minor alternations we can take care of that very quickly.

Simple wedding dress with synthetic fabrics 8,000Baht / $250 test type


Wedding dress with satin silk of beading or lace detail, from a chain bridal retailer or bridal boutique.– 10,000 Baht / $312.5


On the high end, for a custom-made designer dress in satin silk, sometimes with elaborate embellishments of hand-stitched lace or beading, from an upscale wedding boutique 12,000 Baht / $375


Custom-made designer dress in imported satin silk, with elaborate embellishments of Top A Grade hand-stitched lace or beading, from an upscale wedding boutique Including boned and fully Lined , piping all the way, with proper interlock for each section and excellent hemp, we also includes chiffon taffeta and organza. Free alteration until the end of process Bt 15000 $468.75 We provide discount base on quantity ordered

Additional price for design.