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How to prepare your design

We have prepared at least 9 designs each for Bodice, Skirts, Straps, and Accessories to make it easy and systematic. If in case you have special requests or design that is not listed. Email us and we are here to provide you the best of our service

Below you will see Bodice, Skirts, Straps, and Accessories. You will take note the design code and if you have alteration or special requests to add, you may include that in your message. After choosing your design, below you will see the contact form and fill in respectively the design of your choice.

Again, there might be some designs that you would like to add and we are welcome for any of your requests. This is just to start of your wedding dress

Our goal is to satisfy our clients and meets its demand. So don't hesitate if you need something to add. The only thing that we require that you must follow properly is the measurement chart or guide. Otherwise visit our shop for measurement or send us the measurement.

Click on measurement chart at the menu.


Select the bodice design you like. Note the design code

wedding dress bodice design
Select the Skirts design you like. Note the design code

wedding dress skirts design
Select the straps design you like. Note the design code

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Select the accessories design you like. Note the design code

Wedding Dress Accessories


Women's Body Shapes - Know your shape to have a perfect fit wedding dress

womens body shapes
Neck Styles - each one has a preferred neck style, what's yours?

wedding dress neck styles
Most Requested Type's of Wedding Dresses

wedding dress types of design
5 Types of most selected Wedding Dresses and their Description

wedding dress styles

Additional Designs Tab

You will find this very helpful for your Wedding Dress design search. You may take down the names and include it in your message when you write us

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Follow the codes above and then send it to the contact form at the right side

You may directly send us an email at